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We also hope to raise extra funds for PART TWO.

What is the film about? Early in the twentieth century, the tares of liberal compromise were being sown in the fields of the evangelical church. By the 1960's they seemed poised to engulf protestant fundamentalism and especially Presbyterianism, and reduce them to stubble. Then a cry arose of "NO SURRENDER!" from a generation that found its voice and the grace to stand for the purity of the Gospel and the cause of Christ.

Here I Stand is a documentary about that fundamentalist battle, highlighting the stand of Bob Jones, Carl McIntire, and Ian Paisley against the backdrop of two historically significant organizations: the neo-evangelical National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), and the fundamentalist American council of Christian Churches (ACCC).

Will history be too easily forgotten? Will the next generation like its forefathers, accept the challenge to go outside the camp and defend the essential truths of the Gospel? Or will it bid godspeed to the enemies of that truth?

Here I Stand... for such a time as this!



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